Besone R Femo Hair Thickening Anti-Hair Fall Caffeine Energy Shampoo (400ml)

Besone R. Femo Shampoo does not contain silicon and is an approved quasi-medicinal product for hair loss and hair thickening in South Korea. With caffeine and plant extracts, R Femo helps to maintain healthy scalp and hair.

Caffeine shampoo that empowers from roots to ends!
Patented caffeine ingredients and botanical extract help prevent hair loss and improves hair growth and thickness

Caffeine energy shampoo for hair care.
For hair loss prevention and hair thickening.
Directly imported from Korea.

Main Ingredients:
Salicylic acid, dex panthenol, nicotinamide, uiyiin extract, licorice extract, aeyeop extract, ginseng extract, mulberry root extract, green tea extract, aloe extract, rosemary extract.

How to use:
Moisten hair and scalp thoroughly with warm water. Using 3 - 5ml of shampoo, lather shampoo into hair. Massage into the scalp evenly. Leave the shampoo on for 3 minutes. Then proceed to rinse off.

Note: There is no conditioner as it may interfere in the absorption of caffeine into the hair follicles and reduce the effectiveness of the hair loss treatment.

Volume: 400ml

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