Shanti Switchel Handcrafted Japanese Vinegar Drink (Trial Gift Set)

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Shanti Switchel is a natural beverage made of apple cider vinegar, honey and ginger without any use of addictives.

It is the first Switchel in Japan to use plenty of apple cider vinegar made from ‘stationary fermentation’ method which takes 90 hours of fermentation and 90 days of maturation.  

The drink is perfect for an easy and simple recipe without the hassle of grating ginger.

It is most suitable for making refreshing summer cocktails or detox water. It also goes well with yoghurt and ice cream as it contains honey.

Apple & Ginger Switchel contains carefully selected gingers originated from Saga prefecture. The rounded sourness of fermented apple vinegar, the mellowness of honey and ginger essence are fused together into one drink. The natural ingredients of crafted matured apple cider vinegar and gingers can become a part of your healthy lifestyle. 

A set of two small sized Switchel bottles (180ml) of Apple and Yuzu flavour nicely packed in a special gift box with engraved Switchel logo on it. 


Apple cider vinegar, honey, apple juice, lemon juice, yuzu juice and ginger 

Made from Craft Vinegar: 

The Apple vinegar is made of apples from Aomori prefecture, fermented for 90 hours and matured for 90 days without devotion. The drink has a gentle sourness and mellow fragrance. The matured Apple vinegar made by craftmen is essential in achieving the most ideal flavour. 

Carefully Selected Ginger from Saga: 

We only use carefully selected ginger from Saga prefecture and selectively use new gingers or matured ginger depending on the seasons.

Addictives free: 

Our Switchel never uses any addictives such as flavouring ingredients, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colouring ingredients. Instead, our Switchel has a mellow fragrance from the matured Apple vinegar and honey. The drink is also safe for children to consume as we only use foods that are available in your home and kitchen. 

Serving Suggestions: 

Mix about 1 table spoon (15ml) of Shanti Switchel to warm, cold or sparkling water to enjoy a refreshing beverage. 

Precautions on use: Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. After opening, store the product in a refrigerator. It is recommended to consume the drink shortly after removing the cap. After opening, it is also possible that a white precipitate is formed on the top layer of the drink as it is a component derived from ginger, but this does not affect the taste and quality of the drink.