JustNile Decorative Wooden and Metal Analog Wall Clock - 12.9" Colorful Wooden Balls

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  • A unique and stylish wall clock with no number made from wood and metal
  • Quiet, silent clock movement
  • Hang it on the wall by putting the slot at the back on a nail
  • Only requires 1 AA battery to work
  • Approximately Measure: 12.9"x12.9"x3.5"


Decorate your house with this cool and unique wall clock. With simplistic design, it is more than just functional. Made from wood and metal, the clock is sure to add a stylish feel to the room. The hands of the clock move quietly so there will be no ticking noise although the clock is analog type. You can easily hang it on a wall by slotting the clock on a nail.

This wall clock is battery-powered and only requires 1 AA battery to work( not included), which is widely available everywhere. The size is not too big and suitable to be placed in living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even in the office. Get one now and decorate your surrounding with this interesting and unique clock!