JustNile DIY Decorative Metal Analog Wall Clock - 18.9" Plain Black

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  • Comes With Assembly Instructions note
  • Quiet, silent clock movement
  • Adhesive materials to stick all parts to the wall
  • Only requires 1 AA battery to work ( Not Included)
  • Approximately Measure: 18.91"x18.91"x0.78", include 12 black dots and the Assembly Instruction note


Decorate your house with this cool and unique DIY wall clock. With simplistic design, it is more than just functional. Made from metal and glass materials, the clock is sure to add a stylish feel to the room. The hands of the clock move quietly so there will be no ticking noise although the clock is analog type.

This wall clock is battery-powered and only requires 1 AA battery to work (not included), which is widely available everywhere. The size is not too big and suitable to be placed in living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even in the office. For you who are creative, you can arrange the points in your own unique ways instead of following the traditional numbers in a clock. Get one now and decorate your surrounding with this unique clock!

Assembly Instructions:
1. Use a clean cloth to wipe down the section of wall the clock is to be installed.
2. Remove the adhesive backing and stick the case to the wall, or alternatively use the center hole to screw it into place.
3. Close the case and install the hands: first insert the hour hand ( the smaller hand) followed by the minute hand( the large hand) by pushing them carefully onto the clocks spindle.
4. Set both hands at 12 oclock.
5. To mark the hours use the template you find enclosed.
    a) Insert the open edge of the hole which corresponds to the position of the hourhand.
    b) To mark the next mark, turn the minute hand 360° and the hour hand will automatically move on to the correct position. Repeat this untail you have made all twelve marks.
6. Remove the adhesive backing from the numbers and stick them in place.