JustNile Removable Wall Adhesive Metal Wire Sponge/Soap Dish Holder for Bathroom/Kitchen (Set of 2)

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Adhesive-mounted soap dish with metal wire design

Reusable, removable, waterproof & leaves no residue

Recommended load: 4.4lb. Lab-tested to be able to carry 26lb

Reach easier for your soap or sponge and have it air-dry quicker in your shower or kitchen sink. The sturdy, fuss-free metal wire frame allows for instant drainage and less frequent dish cleaning needed. Its dipped frame allows for the soap to sit securely in the centre, letting you grab it easily without slipping from your fingers.

  1. No permanent drilling or nails needed. Simply peel and stick the adhesive on your chosen wall surface (clean and dry).
  2. Warning! only use on smooth, flat & non-porous surfaces such as tiles, acrylic, stainless steel, glass, mirrors and polished wood, etc.
  3. Do not paste on uneven, rough or porous surfaces such as cement wall, soil wall, whitewashed wall, plaster wall, wallpaper, wall coverings, water-based coating surfaces, etc.
  4. To clean or reuse, simply peel off the sticker from the wall surface (take care not to bend it); wash the adhesive side of the sticker under running water (do not use any cleaning agents), and dry with a hair dryer (not cloth or tissue).
  5. Do not let this item come into contact with heat or open fire.
  6. Before hanging fragile or heavy items, do test the hook by hanging bottle(s) of water of equivalent weight overnight.