Dr.FORHAIR Absolute Silk Damage Bundle - Shampoo + Conditioner


Bundle consists of: Dr.ForHair Absolute Silk Damage Shampoo 500 ML + Dr.ForHair Absolute Silk Damage Conditioner 500 ML 

ABSOLUTE SILK DAMAGE SHAMPOO provides care for highly damaged hair. Contains 20 kinds of silk amino acid, 4 natural botanical oils, and 7 kinds of naturally derived properties that leaves your hair silky soft. 

Provides nutrition and elasticity by forming a moisture barrier on hair and restoring damaged hair with a patented silicon emulsion manufacturing process.

ABSOLUTE SILK DAMAGE CONDITIONER provides intensive care for extremely damaged hair by moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening the hair. Provides moisture to the hair by forming strong moisture barriers.

Uses Patented Silicone Emulsion technology to repair both the interior and exterior of cuticles.

Contains 7 natural ingredients such as Rosemary Extract, Lemongrass Extract, Lavender Extract, Sage Extract, Chamomile Extract, Monoi Oil and Argan Oil.

The Monoi Oil and Argan Oil gently envelopes dry and damaged hair to soften it.

*Directly Imported from Korea*

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