Besone Hair Dry Booster (200ml)

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Wanna crash in bed after long day of work but cant because of your hairs still wet? No time to blow dry your wet hair in the morning?Besone hair dry booster cuts your hair drying time by half, saving you time and energy! Yes guys, that means more time in bed!!! (you can thank us later)

What does it do for you?

Besone hair dry booster not only reduces your hair dry time by half, it protects your hair against heat, improves damaged hair and enhances your hair radiance. It leaves your hair soft and glowing with a botanical oil coating membrane. Sounds lovely doesnt it?

How to use?

Spray evenly on towel dried hair ~10cm away and either leave hair to dry naturally or blow dry to speed up the process.

Product information

Formulated with a combination of water friendly oil & moisture

*Contains rosemary extract, lavender extract, argan oil, chrysanthemum extract, lotus extract & western dandelion rootstock



 *includes but not limited to