Besone Innocence Deep Clean Deeptox Cleansing Mask (100ml)

Say Goodbye to dead skin cells and fine dust!
Tissue-off massage cream formulated with Lotus flower and Spirulina extract, which gently melts away dead skin cells, impurities and nurtures smooth skin.

Skin lightening massage cream.
3 step (Cream – Oil - Moisture Massage) deep clean and detox mask that transforms dull skin by softly dissolving impurities and dead skin cells in pores, leaving you with fresh & bright skin!

Product directly imported from Korea.

How to Use:
After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount onto face and massage until the cream becomes an oil, then gently wipe-off.
*Suitable for alleviating skin troubles such as sebum, impurities or dead skin cells on any part of the body.