Besone Real Solid Pink Kaolin Clay Mask for Soft and Smooth Skin (18g x 5 pieces)


Combination of a Mud pack and sheet mask! New conceptual pink clay mask.

Get smooth and soft baby like skin!

3D solid and adhesive pack that removes dead skin cells, impurities and cares for enlarged pores.
Clay sheet mask that purifies and protects skin from active oxygen, the cause of aging through its natural anti-oxidants.
Contains Pycnogenol extracted from Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract.

How to use:
Refine skin with a toner or mist.
Remove the transparent film of the upper mask first and on the face.
Then peel off the white matte film.
Leave it for ~40-50 minutes to dry completely.
Remove the mask and wash off residue. 

Weight: 90g (18g x 5)

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