Dr.ForHair 4-Step Anti-Hair loss Folligen Bundle - *Exclusively @ JustNile*


Dr.ForHair 4 Step Anti-Hair Loss Folligen Bundle
Bundle consist of: Dr.ForHair Folligen Shampoo 300ml + Folligen Scaler 200ml + Apple Cider Vinegar Folligen Easy Swabs (6ml + 3ml x 5 pieces)  

Step 1: Use of Scaler
FOLLIGEN SCALER is a deep cleansing scrub that uses Dead Sea Salt to purify the scalp by removing excessive sebum, dirt and other impurities from the hair.

Recommended Use: Once weekly, or whenever flaky skin cells / dandruff starts appearing. 

Step 2: Use of Shampoo
With a rich and creamy texture, Dr.FORHAIR FOLLIGEN SHAMPOO is an absolute essential for anti-hair loss and a healthy scalp.
More than 3.5 million units sold in 1 year after being launched.

Step 3 & 4: Use of Apple Cider Vinegar Folligen Easy Swabs + Styling Serum


  • reduce itchiness
  • reduce greasiness 
  • clears dandruff
  • reduce bad odour
  • cooling effect
  • hydrates hair 
  • calms frizzy hair
  • styles hair

Contains Apple Cider Vinegar which proves to be one of the best natural cleansing agent! NO Harsh Ingredients involved. Continuous usage will result in Healthy and Cleansed Scalp + Repairs Damaged Hair!  

Watch video to for how to use this specially curated bundle!