Dr.ForHair Easy Swabs Easy Go (On-the-Go Pack) - Folligen Easy Swabs + Apple Cider Vinegar Folligen Swabs (Take your pick!)


Dr.ForHair Easy Go Solution

Easy Swab, Easy Go!

Folligen Easy Swabs (6ml)*10:

Portable swabs containing FOLLIGEN FORMULA removes excessive sebum, dandruff, itching, and impurities on the scalp, leaving it fresh with a cool menthol fragrance.

*Directly Imported from Korea*

After opening it, rub whole scalp lightly and evenly.


Apple Cider Vinegar Folligen Easy Swab + Hair Styling Serum (6ml + 3ml)*5: 


  • reduce itchiness
  • reduce greasiness 
  • clears dandruff
  • reduce bad odour
  • cooling effect
  • hydrates hair 
  • calms frizzy hair
  • styles hair

Contains Apple Cider Vinegar which proves to be one of the best natural cleansing agent! NO Harsh Ingredients involved. Continuous usage will result in Healthy and Cleansed Scalp + Repairs Damaged Hair!  

Now available in Singapore! Grab yours today!