Dr.ForHair TREAT YOURSELF Treatment Bundle - Folligen Scaler + Scalp Treatment Pack



Treatment Bundle - Dr.ForHair Folligen Scaler 200ML + Folligen Scalp Pack 120ML

FOLLIGEN SCALER is a deep cleansing scrub that uses Dead Sea Salt to purify the scalp by removing excessive sebum, dirt and other impurities from the hair.

Recommended Use: Once weekly, or whenever flaky skin cells / dandruff starts appearing. 


FOLLIGEN SCALP PACK, a 4-in-1 scalp pack that provides hair treatment, hair softening, scalp nourishing and elimination of impurities from the hair.

Treat scalp problems with FOLLIGEN SCALP PACK by unclogging pores, as well as removing dead skin cells and excess sebum.

Suitable for all scalp types.