JustNile Contemporary Wooden / Metal Display Wall Clock- 18.3" Light Brown Sharp Radiance

  • A contemporary, modern looking, wooden and metal wall mounted display clock to meet your needs
  • Elegant design that lets you read time stylishly and brighten up the walls of your interior spaces
  • Ideal for decorating the wall in the office, home, studio spaces, cafes, restaurants or pubs
  • The display clocked relies only on 1 AA battery (not included with purchase)
  • Approximately Measure: 18.3"x18.3"x2.73"


If you are looking for the perfect blend of utility, style and decorative aspect in a wall clock, your search might just be over. This uniquely designed wall clock does its job of telling time in the most fashionable way and at the same time functions as a brilliant decorative element for your interior spaces.

The contemporary design of the clock offers you a different and refreshing take when checking for the passage of time while you are relaxing, working or studying. Each clock is powered by a single AA battery (not included), making the replacement of the battery a convenient and easy feat. If not for your personal usage, this might be an ideal gift for friends, acquaintances, family members who are looking for both a decorative object for their interior spaces and an unique, out of the ordinary looking wall clock.