Lowepro Quadguard TX Wrap


The Lowepro QuadGuard TX Wrap is the ultimate travel accessory for any drone or quadcopter racer.

Specifically designed as a purpose-built wrap to safeguard your trusted technology against abrasion, impact, and debris. Protect your transmitters control sticks from damage when using this lightweight rigid shell. With FormShell technology, the QuadGuard TX Wrap maintains the control sticks in a neutral position, and provides a safety net without weighing you down. Ease of use with an adjustable fit will leave you with the confidence that your transmitter won’t be damaged on your next drone adventure.

  • ULTIMATE TRANSMITTER PROTECTION. Protect your remote control radio transmitter during travel and in the field. This purpose-built wrap safeguards your drone transmitter control sticks from impact and abrasion
  • RIGID LIGHTWEIGHT SHELL. The FormShell armored front panel offers rigid protection for remote control transmitters. The lightweight shell won’t add extra weight, but will add extra armor and protection
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT. Specifically designed to safeguard your drone or quadcopters transmitter controls, the adjustable design provides protection without the fear of improper or ill-fitting coverage
  • BUILT FOR YOUR DEMANDS. Designed specifically for FPV quad racing, never worry about protection as you get your head in the game. Show up prepared with your transmitter and all the tools you need to fly right