Mater Nappies Newborn Size 1 (3 to 5kg) 28 Diapers per pack


Mater Nappies - Newborn are made from high quality ultra-soft materials that quickly absorb liquid and draw away moisture to help keep your baby’s delicate skin dry. With less pulp and super absorbent core technology Mater Nappies - Newborn are thinner and more flexible providing your growing baby with maximum comfort and protection all day and night.

Mater Nappies - Newborn also feature umbilical cord protection, to protect your babys healing umbilical cord. Suitable for boys and girls, this nappy is recommended for babies weighing 3 to 5kg. Mater Nappies Newborn are manufactured in Europe and Australian owned.

Mater Mothers Hospitals, Australias largest maternity service, is renowned for providing high quality, compassionate and leading-edge care for mothers and babies. Now our exceptional care continues, from the hospital to the home, through our award-winning Mater Mothers Hospitals maternity and baby care product range.