Besone Home Care Spa Set - Cleansing Mask + Face Mist/Toner + Clay Sheet Masks (Deep Cleanse, Refine and Smooth Skin)

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Home Care Set - Spa necessities at Home

STEP 1: Besone Innocence Deep Clean Deeptox Mask (100ML) 

Say Goodbye to dead skin cells and fine dust!
Tissue-off massage cream formulated with Lotus flower and Spirulina extract, which gently melts away dead skin cells, impurities and nurtures smooth skin.

Skin lightening massage cream.
3 step (Cream – Oil - Moisture Massage) deep clean and detox mask that transforms dull skin by softly dissolving impurities and dead skin cells in pores, leaving you with fresh & bright skin!

Product directly imported from Korea.

How to Use:
After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount onto face and massage until the cream becomes an oil, then gently wipe-off.
*Suitable for alleviating skin troubles such as sebum, impurities or dead skin cells on any part of the body.

STEP 2: Besone pH 5.5 Balancing Witch Hazel Face Mist/Toner (100ml)

Balancing mist that helps maintain your skins pH at its optimal level! 

Can be used as a Toner as well! Soak up your cotton pad and gently wipe over face.

Hypoallergenic mist that transforms sensitive skin into acid-balanced, healthy skin.
Our skin condition changes after cleansing or even after applying makeup.This balancing mist creates skin protective layers and prevents germs from penetrating while keeping the skin free of irritation by controlling its acid balance.

Contains Witch Hazel that acts as a natural astringent that removes excess oil from skin and shrinks pores. Witch Hazel may also be used to treat blemishes on the face or on other areas of the body.  Apply Witch Hazel balancing mist with a cotton ball or a cosmetic pad to reduce irritation and calm the appearance of acne or other inflammatory skin conditions. 

The ability of Witch Hazel to tighten skin and reduce inflammation makes it an ideal natural remedy for treating discoloration and puffiness under and around eyes. No wonder its popularity!Just make sure not to get it in your eyes! ;) 

*Directly Imported from Korea*

Volume: 100ml

STEP 3: Besone Real Solid Pink Kaolin Clay Mask for Soft and Smooth Skin (18g x 5 pieces)

Combination of a Mud pack and sheet mask! New conceptual pink clay mask.

Get smooth and soft baby like skin!

3D solid and adhesive pack that removes dead skin cells, impurities and cares for enlarged pores.
Clay sheet mask that purifies and protects skin from active oxygen, the cause of aging through its natural anti-oxidants.
Contains Pycnogenol extracted from Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract.

How to use:
Refine skin with a toner or mist.
Remove the transparent film of the upper mask first and on the face.
Then peel off the white matte film.
Leave it for ~40-50 minutes to dry completely.
Remove the mask and wash off residue. 

Weight: 90g (18g x 5)