Ryokumon Tea Oil


Ryokumon Tea Oil is suitable for dry and extremely sensitive skin. 

The tea oil is made from 100% seed* oil of tea tree only available in Kyushu, Japan. It has a large amount of Oleic Acid and Vitamin E with high moisturising and anti-aging effect, which is:   

  • 87 times more than sesame oil
  • 5 times more than olive oil
  • twice as much as camellia oil 

The product comes in 2 forms: Tea Oil and Natural Gel Cream 

Suggested Use: 

  • Apply a few drops of the Tea Toil after washing your face
  • Do not scrub but gently spread the oil/cream on your face
  • The product can also be used as a bodycare, haircare and lipcare product

    *Seeds are grown without any agricultural chemical substances and fertilisers and passed pesticide residue tests. 

    No artificial colouring/flavouring ingredients, no silicone, no carbomer, and no bactericide

    The product passed specific institutions' tests (patch test, allergy test and cumulative stimulus test).