TROIAREUKE Seoul Aesthetic 99% Skincare Cushion



TROIAREUKE Seoul Aesthetic Cushion 

Best of Both Worlds! The H+ and A+ Cushion ALL-IN-ONE

“Skin Specialist Anti-aging Skincare Cushion”
5 kinds of the specially formulated peptide will fill up skin like filler.
The natural Botox-like peptide will do the lifting.
*Formulation test with Korean Skin professionals.*
Anti-aging starts young in order to look younger when you aged. Prevention is always better than recovery! 

Number 1 Skincare Specialist Brand In Korea, Now In Singapore! 

Troiareuke has combined stellar skincare ingredients to the cushion and innovated a 99% skincare 1% makeup Troiareuke Seoul Aesthetic Cushion. With the nickname “Botox Filler Cushion,” Troiareuke Seoul Aesthetic Cushion contains 6 kinds of peptides, and has received official certification of “UV protection”, “Brightening,” and “Anti-Wrinkles.” Truly No.1!

  • Comes in 1 shade only, #23 Natural Beige
  • Gives off a semi-matte finish, with slight glow
  • UV protection (SPF 50+) 
  • Skin type: recommended for all types of skin 

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How To Use: Press puff down on the sponge to soak up the goodness from beneath! Hold it down for about 10 seconds or until you see the product appearing on the sponge. Take a little bit of product and pat into face. Build up if more coverage is needed. 

Whats in the box: 1 x Troiareuke Seoul Aesthetic Cushion, 3 x Puffs for application, 1 x Brand Guidebook